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This text describes the vector frequency in fixed pressure water provide system, textile machinery, lifting tools, cement equipment, logistics, equipment and other associated fields, a typical software examples.

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1, Fixed Strain Water Provide Management System:
Frequency management water provide gear for its energy-saving, protected, top quality water high quality benefits of the water supply industry, expertise and equipment from the early 90s started to expertise a leap. Water Provide of pump motor stepless pace management system, computerized adjustment primarily based on changes in water system operation parameters, the change in the water computerized control system working parameters, modifications in water consumption to keep up fixed stress to fulfill water necessities, is probably the most advanced and effective energy-saving water supply system.

Frequency conversion fixed strain water 19th birthday themes provide system works as follows:
Methods up and working, the consumer with a pipe-line stress sensor on the consumer’s water strain knowledge sampling, and the strain signal is converted to electrical signals, transmitted to the PID regulator, then the person set strain values for comparability and calculation, and the outcomes of comparison and computation into the frequency adjustment signal and pump begin sign was despatched several units converter and programmable logic controller (PLC); inverter to regulate the water pump motor according to the power frequency, after which alter the pump pace; programmable control gadgets come under the PID controller switch pump start sign control the number of pump station operation. By the start and cease the pump station and the number of pump-speed changes, the person water pressure pipe community in the stability constant shift in the pressure values of the user pre-designed to make water pumps, “enhance” the quantity of water pipe network with the person altering the water line, to “variable constant stress water supply” functions.

The next Witco vector frequency in the town municipal water supply system consists of a programmable controller, inverter and motor Witco composition, using a programmable logic controller (PLC) Managed Frequency Converter with control fixed stress water supply pump operate. Installed within the pipe line by the strain sensor, the water strain into four ~ 20mA analog signal, by the built-in PID controller PLC to vary the electric water pump speed. When the user elevated water consumption, pipeline stress under the set stress, the frequency management of the output frequency will enhance, pump velocity increased, to extend water supply, when reaches the set pressure, the electric water pump velocity doesn’t change to pipeline pressure constant pressure on the set; and vice versa. This closed-loop PID management is achieved by constant strain water supply purposes.

When the motor fails (ie: over voltage, over present, overload, motor overheat safety), the system will automatically stop operating when the system restore, then re-press operation steps.

2, converter functions in the textile equipment
Cotton units using frequency control many of the machine expertise, programmable controller (PLC) expertise, has additionally been a substantial variety of merchandise using industrial pc, microcontroller, servo system, contact display screen individuals machine interface and fieldbus technology, electromechanical integration of the textile machinery products, textile equipment in the appliance of inverter is very talked-about in flower from clear, carding, drawing, roving, spinning, winding, warping, sizing, No weaving machines have been used. By the use can be divided into three types:

First: a number use a transducer to control a motor, such as the draw frame, roving body, spinning body and so on.

II: a host use a transducer to regulate a number of motors, comparable to machines and yarn, air spinning (single spindle single-motor drive type).

Third category: a host with a number of inverter control multiple motors, respectively, by computer-controlled multi-synchronous motor coordination, and implementation Winding capabilities, such as the abolition of taper spherical of the new body, canceled long side of the shaft drive and a brand new Continuously Variable Transmission sizing machine, sectional warping machine.

The application of the converter of textile equipment capacity vary:
Zero. 37KW ~ 500KW, 90% or extra for the 0.37KW ~ 37KW.
Witco vector frequency within the Carding Machine.
An old cotton carding machine used within the design as a result of technical situations at the time, tools manufacturing prices, market demand and other constraints there are some inevitable shortcomings. If A186D Carding Machine Road transmission of the electromagnetic clutch as a result of fault more ceaselessly result in downtime from time to time out the fire, production effectivity and product high quality to trigger some loss of investment required to keep and maintain a variety of manpower and assets. Inertia wheel electromagnetic clutch was abandoned. This quick by slowly generated in the method slender, critical side when damaged, cotton web pull off the results of manufacturing high quality. To keep away from this phenomenon, operatives with the improper operation of these units to make up for shortcomings, however loads of waste resulting article, the same just isn’t desirable.

Use Witco vector frequency to enhance the technique of carding machines running: A186D doffer carding machine so as to achieve the acceleration and deceleration clean design within the mechanical transmission of two-pace motor, inertial wheel, electromagnetic clutch, electrical plus mechanical means to achieve. A186E, A186F, FA201 carding machine design had been added to the motor star – triangle transformation the control hyperlink, which additional improves the acceleration and deceleration frequency. FA201B, FA212 carding machine used Witco vector frequency inverter in order to achieve the doffer pace rising slope of any regulation, Randolph process any variable velocity perform. Transformation of the old machine to provide a very good instance.

On the A186D old machine vector frequency management, the gear will not solely improve performance and cut back downtime. Can enhance production effectivity and product high quality.

3, converter utility in the lifting tools

Witco frequency converter with 32-bit microprocessor core, together with inner management and drive two parts. Inverter will be achieved by way of its start and stop an exterior management terminal, Reversible, S curve acceleration and deceleration, and multi speed management. Vector management operations within the motor itself to make use of a few of the parameters measured by the frequency converter routinely. In addition, the frequency converter also has over-current, overload, motor overheating, overvoltage and undervoltage, overspeed and stall different safety. Converter additionally offers run the cease sign, zero pace sign, pace signal and get ready to run signals, exterior indicators and programmable controller integrated inverter management sign given by the evaluation and logic operations outside Creator Box gaga has 1 articles on-line

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