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7 Reasons Why Custom Water Bottles Are Good For Your Logo

For years, custom water bottles have been chosen by companies, schools and individuals to advertise their message. But why should you use them to promote your message? There are several reasons why they work well when chose for promotional reasons, however we’ve narrowed down the top ten.

1. Versatile Giveaways
Custom water bottles are extremely versatile giveaways if looked at in terms of purchasers. These items are chosen by everyone from the local PTA to Fortune 500 brands. They can be given away as part of new product launches or they can be given to promote team spirit among the little league team. They can serve several masters.

2. Useful Items
Anyone who works near a computer can agree that have a bottle as opposed to buffalo roots a cup is a better alternative. When it comes to functionality, promotional water bottles are seen as extremely useful items to have on hand. Whether the user is taking it to the gym or just in the car, these bottles will be utilized and your branding will be seen.

3. Variety of Style and Designs
According to Promotional Product Association International (PPAI), promotional drinkware is the fourth most sold type of promotional products. It’s for this reason that the variety of styles and designs is so massive. You can easily find bottle that will match your logo, no matter what color, shape or size it may be.

4. Affordable
There are a range of prices when it comes to promotional sports bottles, but you can find certain styles available for less than one dollar per piece. In fact, there are even some available for less than seventy-five cents per piece.

5. Large Imprint Area
One of the biggest draws when it comes to promotional items is imprint area, meaning the space in which your logo will appear. The larger the imprint area, the bigger your logo. Custom sports bottles have bigger imprint areas (in some case a dual side imprint, known as a wrap imprint, is available) and when you compare price, the branding opportunity received with promotional sports bottles clearly wins above several other options.

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6. Promotes Healthy Habits
Why let kids reach for a soda and why encourage employees to hit up the vending machine? By giving out custom water bottles, you are promoting a healthy habit. 8 glasses of water a day is what the doctor ordered, but 8 bottles of water will do just as well.

7. Reduces Waste
Every year millions of plastic water bottles end up in landfills. By giving kids custom water bottles you will be teaching them the value of reusable products. And by giving adults custom water bottles, you will be giving them an option to change their non eco-friendly ways.

So there you have it. Custom water bottles are versatile, useful, affordable giveaways that promote healthy habits and reduce waste. They boast large imprint areas and are available in a variety of sizes and colors that promote healthy habits and Men’s Cotton Alien Skull Short Sleeve Tee Shirt reduce waste. Nothing else really needs to be said about how great these items are.

Author Box buffalo roots Sarah Shepherd has 1 articles online
Sarah Shepherd is a e-marketing specialist for Motivators, Inc., a Long Island based promotional products distributor. The company’s website, Motivators.com boasts over 30,000 e-commerce enabled promotional products including one of the largest selections of promotional sport bottles available online. With over one hundred and fifty varieties of custom water bottles to choose from, Motivators is your source for promotional drinkware.

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