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Self-Promotion Using Custom-Made Bobble Heads

Some people sell a product. Other people are the product. If you’re a writer, musician, politician, artist, in the public eye or otherwise self-employed, you need to engage in self-promotion to gain new opportunities. You’ve got a business card. You’ve distributed flyers. What you really need is a unique method to get your name out to potential burnt out t shirt customers and constituents. Try custom-made figurines!

Why Custom-Made Bobble Heads?

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These figurines don’t just put your name before the public-it puts you before the public. When you’re a politician who wants to remain accessible, a custom figurine provides more name recognition than a pencil or matchbook. If you’re a writer, artist or musician struggling to be heard above all the other aspiring writers, artists and musicians, a figurine stands (literally) head and shoulders above the posters and bookmarks. A figurine is personal, and as such fosters a connection between you and your public. Because the figurine’s face is, usually, a caricature, it also supplies humor, making you more accessible. You aren’t Senator Smith; you’re my friendly, personable Senator Smith. You aren’t guitarist Crash Jones; you’re a fun-loving guy with a great band. A custom bobble head is also unusual. When you use one in your press kit or hand them out at your events, you’re sure to be remembered. And because a figurine is durable, potential clients will remember you long after the competition’s calendars and business cards have been discarded.

How to Promote Yourself with a Bobble Head

A custom-made bobble head is a versatile tool. Include it in your press kit. Hand it out at conventions, book signings, concerts, exhibits, rallies, festivals, fairs, and other events. Use it as a prize for blog contests, as a giveaway during online tours as well as for actual tours. Include it in promotional gift baskets, goody-bags and thank-you presents. If you’ve written a book, a custom figurine of your main character can attract children to your table at a book signing. And no matter what your business, never hesitate to use your doll as a children’s gift. If you refuse, you’ll be remembered as unkind. On the other hand, by giving a bobble head to a child who asks, you’ll be seen as a generous person who loves kids-always a good image to project. Whenever you make a personal appearance-at a school, campaign stop, reading or sales visit-have your figurine available with your information packet. You never know when the opportunity to promote your work will arise.

Choosing Your Custom-Made Figurine

What should your bobble head look like? A replica of yourself? Your band? Your character? What should your figure be doing? Do you need a background? How much detail do you want? When choosing a production company, find one that appreciates and enhances your vision. Select a business that requires your final approval for every production step. Make sure your custom bobble head will be manufactured with safe, durable materials. Look for experience, a reputation for quality, and solid customer service.

When you’re the product, you need the best possible promotion. Include a custom-made bobble head in your publicity kit!

burnt out t shirt

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