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Screen Printing In Easy To Overlook A Few Problems

In the high volume screen printing production process, if a specific part of the viewer is not aware that it will bring to the production of a series of problems, but this situation is not resolved, would have been troubled production.

Here mainly on the production of easily overlooked but often encountered several issues discussed.

Women's Cotton Margon The Reckoning Short Sleeve T-Shirt, Color screen Screen colors are white, yellow, amber, red, of which the yellow wire is better. We used the production of Japan or Germany imported 270 ~ 280T of the yellow wire, the special fine print, we often imported 350T yellow screen.

Why use the yellow wire it? We know the eye-catching colors of nature are due to the role of light, no light there is no color, light color is determined by the frequency of light waves. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, purple is the visual nerve can feel the light, as visible light. Selective surface absorption and reflection of light which have different colors, in short, we can see the color of any color is light. That is, when a bunch of yellow light exposure to the surface, only the yellow light is reflected, and stimulate our optic nerves and coloration, while others were absorbed shade, so we see the object color is yellow.

As screen printing in the printing down the exposure, the use of the ultraviolet light, violet light is the color of the blue and magenta hue of the mixture of two reflected light, that is missing in the dark yellow hue. The exposure, the purple on superposition of the yellow wire plus black, so the yellow wire on the surface (that is, the bottom emulsion layer) is not sensitive or less exposed, so no “back sun” phenomenon, high-definition images obtained , does not produce vignetting. What is back

sun? That when the light through the transparent part of the film emulsion layer to reach, in the coating layer in the middle or bottom surface of the white screen of reflection, refraction, and the phenomena of slow fire, just from the bottom and the inside coated surface exposure This phenomenon is called “back sun.” It will create virtual halo cause exposure affect color reproduction.

II emulsion coating Will be prepared from photosensitive liquid into the stainless steel tank, light-sensitive liquid about half the tank. Coating slot and tilt the screen at the bottom contact, while tilting the tank out of photosensitive liquid, while the tank slowly and evenly put up along the screen surface to coating. Coating speed can not be too fast, too fast will cause foaming emulsion, the membrane surface will result pinhole; too slow will cause uneven coating emulsion. In order to obtain the best coating results, the best start printing contact with the substrate side to coating, coating area should be slightly smaller than the screen frame and then coated screen upside down once again, and finally Screen negative drying after coating so that the mesh filled with photographic emulsion. 30 ~ 35 using hot air drying is the best, this can reduce the drying time. If the temperature is higher than 40 , the screen will produce a thermal fog phenomenon.

Emulsion in the liquid phase of low sensitivity, sensitivity with the increase of dry coating film is completely dry to achieve the required sensitivity, it should be fully dried before printing down, and so soon after drying complete burn out.

Course, the production situation of each manufacturer is different from the coating method and frequency was also different. Coating method used in our factory is a place that once coated the positive and negative three times, and then concentrate on drying.

Page loading because the dust will produce pinhole screen, so to keep the room clean. At the same time to deal with bad screen screen surface will result in too many needle sticks. Emulsion coating, dry place too bright, the screen will produce a full page image of the hair spray, impact print clarity and saturation.

Screen Printing factory is mainly producing household ceramics decal, the main export products, domestic products supplement. Exported to the United States, Britain, Canada and other countries of the 20 packages tableware, bowl, and cook pasta dish, become people favor.

3, plate burning, trim

Plate burning, should first check the photographic film unit surface and the surface of the glass plate burning units have dirty or dust is best to wipe clean with a cotton dipped in alcohol before work. The surface of silver halide film has attached to positive film Kitt shiny side is negative. Printing down, should the membrane surface and the film version of the emulsion surface dense network of fit, leaving lines exposed seams. Photographic exposure time should be based on the type of thorns, photosensitive film coating thickness and actual extent of the black sun image and printing request. Photographic film coated with thicker layers, you need a longer exposure time corresponding to complete solidification film version. If the sun image on the real extent of graphic black enough, namely a gray instead of black, it should shorten the exposure time, with a corresponding extension of development time, so that part is not completely transparent photographic illustrations.

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