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Ryan Jin Bao: Screen Printing Equipment Industry Pacesetter

Men's Desgin Frankenerd Short Sleeve Tops TeesRuian Jin Bao Screen Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., is located in Ruian City, Xincheng Industrial Park, east new, from the coastal highway, 104 national highway, Wenzhou airport, the transportation network consisting of the company to provide a good external environment.

Jin Bao Corporation is a research and development, production and sales of corporate enterprises. Has many years of screen printing machine design, manufacturing experience and excellent technology, specialized in producing various types of plane Screen Printer Mechanical equipment and auxiliary equipment, and personalized needs of users at home and abroad to provide different product design and manufacturing specifications. In the June 14, 2006 during the All in Print China, India and Channel HC network printing special honor to interview fresh leopard screen printing Ruian Machinery Co., Ltd. General Manager Mr. Fang Xintong.

Ruian Jin Bao Screen Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. General Manager Mr. Fang Xintong
HC Network: First of all, please tell us about the German group, and fresh leopard Screen Printing Machinery Co., Ltd..

Fang Xin Tong: Germany is a large non-regional enterprise group, is the provinces outside the high-tech group. Main business Print Machinery and automation equipment, instrument manufacturing and sales. Jin Bao Screen Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. under the business as a German group, is a research and development, industry and trade as a whole corporate enterprise, after eight years, and gradually developed into a national network of printing equipment industry pacesetters, and establish their own brand and reputation. Main products from a single semi-automatic models to become fully automatic, semi-automatic production line and peripheral equipment of the whole plant output.

HC Network: The main event push your company’s products? Relative to other similar products, what features?

Fang Xin Tong: The face of the current market environment, the company decided to show the main push: Automatic Series Screen printing machine And 3 / 4 automatic screen printing machine. Such products independently designed and manufactured by our company, the higher degree of automation, can effectively control the labor force, lower production costs, and medium-sized printing enterprises, the kind of ideal printing equipment.

HC Network: screen printing factory in Mainland China, so far still the manual printing press, semi-automatic presses, fully automatic printing machine co-existence of a situation. And your company’s main products are semi-automatic and fully automatic, do you think the current domestic semi-automatic and fully automatic equipment, the application status?

Fang Xin Tong: Overseas, the use of roller printing machine has been very popular in mainland China, drum screen printing machine has been praised in the statement, this would be the most important reason is labor costs. In other countries, higher labor costs, are several times more than domestic, in some developed countries, even up to 10 times, so choose the high degree of automation, automatic screen printing machine can effectively control production costs. In China, labor is cheap, so it is mainly hand-printing and semi-automatic. In addition, some large scale Printing Because of the screen printing are not familiar with, not involved in screen printing; and our Screen printing business Itself and from one-time investment considerations, or other concerns, for various reasons, causing the domestic users of the purchasing power of drum-type screen printing machine is not strong. Most companies will choose semi-automatic equipment.

HC Network: whether it is simple Screen Printing Equipment Or fully automatic screen printing machine roller, require a master screen Printing Technology Personnel to operate, can play the best screen printing equipment, printing results. How you arrange technical training for new equipment to work?

Fang Xin Tong: Technical training, our company mainly face to face, on-site practical approach to skills training and technical guidance. To achieve in a relatively short period of time manufacturers can use their own operating techniques to master, so that it can easily print out the finished product.

HC Network: In recent years, manufacturers custom tshirt india continue to increase, it also brings competition, survival of the fittest through this competition, so our screen printing equipment industry entered a era of specialization and automation. Facing fierce market competition, how to deal with your company?

Fang Xin Tong: Currently, the face of fierce competition at home and abroad, we have the spirit of people-oriented, quality first principle, the better the quality of their products, timely service for users to do well, improve user satisfaction, the firm’s own brand also bigger and stronger.

HC Network: In the screen printing equipment, the development should be the first in Germany and Italy, especially in Germany, the production of screen printing equipment, full range, fine workmanship. Do you think the difference between domestic and international products where? Domestic equipment to compete with foreign equipment, where competitiveness?

Fang Xin Tong: Screen printing equipment manufacturing, the domestic late start, the starting point higher, so with the European and American developed countries, there is insufficient hardware and software. Therefore, independent research and development efforts need to increase the use of our existing manufacturing environmental advantages, high cost of production machinery and equipment, continued progress in the search for greater development.

HC Network: “China Screen Printing Industry Award” recently announced, in Degen leopard won ” Development and progress of China Screen Printing Industry Award ” Known as Screen Printing Machinery Manufacturers China a rising star, you feel fresh leopard determinants of the rapid development of what?

Fang Xin Tong: My company has a concept of people-oriented spirit, always adhere to the staff is the key to the survival and development. Strengthen staff skills and business, while the improvement of the overall quality of staff on the first place the personal development and business rise and fall together.

Additional Words: Just eight years, Ryan King leopard will become the vanguard of screen printing equipment industry, not only successfully create their own brand products is its excellent performance, reliable quality, good reputation and the quality of service is known internally outside users. The last gave me a deep impression left side or the total sentence?? “Always staff is the key to survival and development”, this should all take the road of sustainable development of the enterprise must have one of the factors, and Jin Leopard’s rapid growth and development is testimony to that. [Key words]: Jin Bao Screen Printing Screen Printing Comment Large In Small Author Box gaga has 1 articles online

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