Edith Beaucage: hurluberlu At CB1 Gallery

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Edith Beaucage’s “hurluberlu” paintings, which characteristic idiosyncratic figures and architectural references are about the wealthy interaction of the imagination and social spaces. Beaucage’s new sequence has a Rococo vitality, and is peopled by an attractive forged of lusciously painted faux-naif characters. The paintings are sweet, difficult, and completely authentic.

To higher understand the artist’s ideas, I sent her a set of questions, and likewise asked her husband, Glen Irani, if he would add his perspective.

Edith Beaucage
hurluberlucubic.hur, 2011

Oil on canvas
60″ x forty six”

John Seed/Edith Beaucage: Q and A on hurluberlu

JS: Are you able to tell me what a “hurluberlu” is?

EB: A hurluberlu is a sort of individual that’s referred to in Quebec as a fellow that’s a bit crazy; sweet and authentic in his mind-set, and in how he dresses himself and behaves.

In each of my paintings you’ll find a hurluberlu juxtaposed with an abstraction that mimics what occurs in a social space. The social space is due to this fact the unifying factor and is supposed to stimulate discourse with the viewers, to include the viewer. The meaning that derives from this interplay is voluntarily open.

By conceiving each image in relation to a “hurluberlu” I was in a position to push the abstractions every one impressed into a new aesthetic territory. The painting’s titles are followed by .hur as a result of I consult with the group as part of the area of the hurlerburlu as opposed to web domains equivalent to .com or .web.

Edith Beaucage
triakistetrahedron.hur, 2011

Wax and oil on wood panel
53″ x 36″

JS: Tell me about your imagery and your brushwork: how do they relate to each other?

EB: I like to explore relationships between signs of abstraction and figuration, and how we derive meaning by simple juxtaposition of these signs.

I am curious about fluid paint, volatile multicolor brush marks and the way they can be organized to characterize a figure or a type. Brush marks for me are “low-tech.” They’re image activators.

Edith Beaucage
quixoticcuboctahedron.hur, 2011

Oil and acrylic on canvas
60″ x 46″

JS: How happy are you with your personal work at this level?

I have actually a huge pile of paintings that didn’t work for this exhibition. I needed to undergo quite a few trials for attending to the equation that you just see. So, sure I’m pleased with this new work as a part of this edited course of.

Working on this sequence has raised so many questions and challenges:

– Will works in a bigger scale be clearer or more durable to understand?

– How do the geometric solids function in relation to the characters?

– Is the hurluberlu a good idea?

– Ought to the hurluberlus be extra practical or generic representations of people?

– Some are very funny; what’s that about?

– The place does humor take the work?

JS: Who are some artists you admire, and are they influencing your present direction?

EB: In this particular group of paintings I used to be thinking about particular painters in relationship to abstraction and because it turned out I “winked” at them, and I was questioning if anyone would notice that.

Gerhard Richter is present — or “winked at” — in the t-shirt of the hurluberlu character in Palsy-Walsy.hur.

Cy Twombly is “winked at” in the summary shape of Quixoticcuboctaheron.hur.

Robert Ryman is definitely present everywhere.

Francis Bacon is present within the dimension of the big pieces and in the group of the dark blue painting titled: Hurluberlucubic.hur.

Zaha Hadid is “winked at” within the multicolored quantity in Triakistertrahedron.hur

JS: Edith, is there the rest you would like to say?

EB: Well… I really like painting and I will stand in that house and defend it with pleasure.

Additionally, I was born in Quebec and respect that really incomparable tradition, however I live right here in Los Angeles because I believe it’s the place to be to make artwork right now.

Glen Irani and Edith Beaucage at CB1 Gallery, Photo: Jason Chang

Glen Irani on Edith’s Work:

“Her most current work appears to me to be a group of really strange, ingenious characters set in abstract scenes, numerous paint and, most importantly — to me — a really intriguing and lively relationship between all of them. When you walk into a room filled with Edith’s paintings, it is like your crashing a convention for extraterrestrial misfits, yr 27000, and they all appear to be getting alongside real properly, and maybe there was a meals fight. You’ll be able to hear the some apprehension, some quandary and everybody appears to be staring at one another wondering what the heck they should say to strike a chord with this different no matter-it-is standing throughout from them. It’s really a blast and everybody’s having a good time making it work, though it could possibly be a very very long time earlier than it does.

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