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All About Koozies And Can Coolers

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Custom promotional Koozies are a great economical approach to marketing. They have a generous imprint area that has enough room to put a logo, phone number and/or website info. These items are generally very light and can be printed quickly, with minimum quantities starting at 100 pieces. Koozies are great for picnics, sporting events, tailgating parties, or any gathering that involves a can of soda or beer. Best of all prices are less than a dollar each for a screen printed koozie, which makes koozies perfect for any budget.

Koozies or Collapsible can cooler are available from a plethora of online promotional distributors. ez 2517 So it can become a daunting task, if you’re only comparing prices. Things to look for are the material that these Koozies are made of. There are low density foam, which is much cheaper and also the more expensive High Density Scuba Foam. If you’re doing Koozies as wedding favors, its better to go with the high quality Scuba Foam. A new option that is currently available is Full Color Printing on Can Coolers. You can actually print a full color photograph directly onto the Koozie. The process is called dye-sublimation, and the results are spectacular. So if quality is important, there are better Koozies with different print options out there for a slightly higher premium.

Koozies are not exclusive to classic cans. They have also been made in the form of beer bottles and wine bottles and they come be shaped like a jersey. The can cooler has changed in both form and look. The texture which koozies have been made out of include foam plastic and even been done in a stainless steel form.

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