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Colored Teddy Bears

Men's Iku-Turso Black Print Long Sleeve T ShirtsWhenever you have a look at any of the well-known Teddy Bear makers catalogues now, you will definitely discover an array of Teddy Bears in virtually each colour you’ll be able to think of. At the moment, coloured Teddy Bears are very popular with collectors, but despite our festivus sweatshirt love of coloured Teddy Bears now, it has not always been the case.

Certainly, in the early years of the Teddy Bear, Steiff produced a few colored bears, but these have been sadly not a hit, Teddy Bear lovers preferring the natural coloured Teddy Bears that they’d turn out to be use to. Only some coloured Outdated Steiff Bears have survived, which is not shocking as not many were made. Nevertheless, once they do show up, they fetch big costs. Take, for example, the adorable blue Steiff Teddy Bear referred to as Elliott. He was made in 1908 and was given by Steiff as a sample bear to the famous division store, Harrods. No-one preferred him, a blue bear simply was not acceptable at that time and so he was put away. A few years later he was discovered and was put to auction in 1993 at Christies Public sale House in London where he fetched a whopping 49,500.

Within the years between the first and the Second World Wars, German makers comparable to Schuco, Jopi and Cramer made colored Teddy Bears.

Around 1930, the famous British firm, Chad Valley, made a crimson teddy. He was made in vivid pink mohair, his paw pads also being manufactured from purple felt. It is vitally rare to find this pink Chad Valley Teddy Bear as not many had been made.

Colored Teddy Bears were really fashion equipment in the 1930’s and as such, these bears were produced for adults reasonably than for children. Chad Valley also produced a Blue Teddy Bear. In the 1920’s additionally they made a novelty bear which was referred to as ‘Rainbow Tubby Bears’. These Teddy Bears came in quite a lot of colours and sizes. Round their necks they wore a kind of jester ribbon with a bell connected to it.

Then in 1931, Chad Valley produced a pink Teddy Bear, which they actually sent to Steiff as a pattern bear, to show them what Chad Valley could do. When this magnificent Previous Bear was returned from Steiff, it was given to a Chad Valley worker. Where the Outdated Bear is immediately, I don’t know, however until not too long ago I believe he was still dwelling with the same household.

Merrythought certainly made a variety of coloured Teddy Bears for instance, in 1930, they made a blue teddy. Also round 1930, the Chiltern firm produced a pink bear. Remember too, all the magnificent colours that Merrythought have produced their Cheeky Teddy Bears in. Practically each colour you’ll be able to consider, even rainbow colored Cheeky Bears have been produced and guess what, everybody loves them now.

If you should discover an previous coloured Teddy Bear at present, you’ll probably discover that his colour has faded fairly dramatically, infact, it’s possible you’ll not even notice at first look that he was a coloured Teddy Bear. Typically the front of an Old Teddy Bear is more pale that his again, due in most instances to his back being stored away from direct sunlight, as he has most likely spent a few years of his Teddy Bear life both sitting in a chair or on a bed. Nevertheless, in case you look very closely into his jointing space, you need to see his unique true colour.

I have to admit I love colored Teddy Bears, particularly from the previous, however it actually is right down to personal selection.

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