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We Are Family

Men's Cotton Born in Blood Short Sleeve T-ShirtKareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan didn’t speak to each other for several days after arguing over his kids.

They later resolved their issues and now the foursome are singing: We Are Family

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor didn’t exchange a word for six days. And that’s because the actor-producer wanted his ladylove to play ‘mommy’ to his kids with Amrita Singh, Sara and Ibrahim.

The children had come over to stay over with their dad, some time ago. Usually Bebo lets her beau spend quality time with his children. But as they were spending a few days at his Bandra home, the actress had to be around.

Says a source, “The couple had an argument over the subject when, Kareena did not show any desire to pamper the kids. The outcome of which was that they did not talk to each for a few days till things cooled down between them and the kids left.”

Bebo however denies the incident and says, “It is nonsense”.

The source continues, “Both then decided to forget the incident and all was well again.”

Last Thursday, the couple was spotted with Sara and Ibrahim at a special screening of ANJAANA ANJAANI (ironically!) at Ketnav Studios. It looks like they have reconciled their differences and the Kapoor girl has now decided to be around when her guy is spending time and his bachchas.

Adds the source, “Kareena often talks about how she loves to spend time with her niece Samaira. In fact at their home there are several photo frames of her sister Karisma Kapoor’s daughter and her drawings, etc. But there is nothing of Sara and Ibrahim around.”

But one can say after this that its all in the family. As of now they have good understanding but this type of problem might accrue in future. No body knows what will happen in future. So all the best to bebo and saif. Author Box Riddhi Mehta has 7169 articles online and 9 fans

Riddhi Mehta is editor of She has over 3 years writing experience for bollywood movies. She says whatever she feels. She is not worried how bollywood will react to her views.

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