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Fish Tank Filter Basics

Women's Cotton Plague Short Sleeve  Tops TeesFish tank filters are available in all types and in any shape you need. The purpose aquarium filtration is to provide high water quality for your fish and keep the water clear and free of any debris. Aquariums are closed systems, and that fragile eco-system relies on you to thrive and grow. To achieve this you will need to select the right type of filter and the correct size for your tank.

3 Types of Fish Tank Filtration:
• Mechanical: The most commonly used. It removes waste, excess food. These filtration systems usually pump the water through some kind sponge, pad or Women’s Cotton Punk Skull Short Sleeve T Shirts membrane. These filters should be replaced regular based on manufacturer’s recommendations. left right left right up down up down Some of the more common types are:
o Floss
o Sponges
o Pads
o Sheets

• Chemical: Activated charcoal is the most common chemical filter. It is that same that is used in drinking water filtration. Though the use of different chemicals and distribution methods, the chemical is placed in a filter to reduce ammonia, phosphates and many other toxins that are harmful to your fish. Some of the toxins that chemical filters remove are;
o Odors
o Colors
o Ammonia
o Nitrite
o Phosphates and Nitrates

• Biological: This is where you use beneficial bacteria that convert organic material that have broken down into to harmful toxins an converts them into a harmless nitrate. The nitrates are then filtered by a chemical filter (activated charcoal) or by water changes. This not by any means a quick way of filtering your left right left right up down up down fish tank. Cloudy fish tanks are usually the result of a poorly working bacterial filter. The common ones are;
o Balls
o Tubes
o Spheres
o Beads
o Cubes

3 Types of Common Fish Tank Filters;

• Box filters (Power Filters); These are the most common type of filters. They will usually come with your standard fish tank setup. They hang on the inside of the fish tank and usually provide both mechanical and chemical filtration. Not the best filter type, but they get the job done.
• Under Gravel Filters: This is a filter that is placed on the bottom of the fish tank and then covered by the aquarium gravel. They are a series of plates and the when the water is drawn through them, they filter out debris. They don’t work work as well as box filters.
• Wet/Dry Filters; These can sit on the edge of the tank or underneath. These are very popular with hobbyists that like to build their own filtration systems. It is usually a large open filtration system that has separate sections for each type of fish tank filtration. It’s most commonly used by those of us that have a marine reef tanks. It is the one I recommend.

Whichever fish tank filter and filtration system you choose, remember to install it correctly and change the filters regularly.

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