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101 Coffee Shop And Cafe Name Ideas

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sendingRebecca Graf 2 months ago from Wisconsin

Good tips. I have seen some very unique ones around here. I love it when I read one and get a laugh out of it.

Dreammore 2 months ago from British Empire

I love coffee houses/shops. The best coffee house that has ever been is Caffe Nero. I love the “Nero” cappuccino. The best brand names tend to be the ones that stand out from the crowd in a domineering way. Starbucks – a way better brand name that Caffe Nero, but the coffee is not as good. Plus, has Starbucks ever heard of air conditioning, their customers are sweating before they have even got in the queue.

As far as independent coffee house branding goes I would suck at naming any. How about shire/land/green/, a combination of something that relates back to the UK. Traditionalist thinkers may see the appeal in a coffee shop brand that takes the heritage seriously in the UK.

If this is America that we are setting up this new coffee house brand in, then what about a take on Antarctica. As far as I’m aware, everyone in the UK likes Antarctica. I don’t know.

MG 4 months ago

Hello guys

I own a cafe already and named it as orange tree cafe n restaurant

I need to change the name

Please suggest me with some catchy names

I’m looking forward for your comments tq.

Unknown 5 months ago

This was helpful to pick a name for my play hiyse cafe it is The Enchanted Cafe. How does that sound.

Moaaz Malik 5 months ago from Pakistan

Well Written

Moaaz Malik

Pettr Kasasira 6 months ago

This gives a ooshirts tracking big push to my ideas. A snick pick into my business. It opens up my new world

Yadav Suresh 6 months ago


Katie Cruz 6 months ago from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Amazing ideas! Thanks for such an informative hub, I truly appreciate this.

Umar king 6 months ago

Hy my name is umar King your name

Emmanuelnuamah 6 months ago from italy

What a nice hub out there, keep it. I need people that will follow me on: https://hubpages.com/@emmanuelnuamah

monerhossain54 10 months ago

Carbonated Coffee

very good

Carbonated Coffee 10 months ago

Nice list, was fun to read.

K Mani 11 months ago from Mumbai

Oh…this is an excellent hub with lots of fun-filled ideas. Keep it up.

Seemab 11 months ago

Hey i am an interior designer Nd i need a theme to design my own coffee shop. Can anybudy help me out?

I am the theme should be more interesting to the viewers

Muhammad Umair Ghufran 13 months ago from Sargodha,Pakistan

Hey Author ,

I have one question about this topic , Coffee shop cafe name should depends on Target Market or not

Nayla Binhadyia 13 months ago

Hey I want some help I opening a cafe and bakery please I need catchy names

Swing Dance 13 months ago

Very good information here. Creative names. Thanks.

Mackenzie Sage Wright 15 months ago

If I had a coffee shop, I’d name it ‘Cool Beans,’ lol.

Brandon Spiegel 16 months ago from North Texas

These are fantastic! Thank you so much for the ideas, I will defintally have to show this article to some of my friends!

Ramya Sarma 17 months ago from United States


Maurice Glaude 17 months ago from Mobile, AL

I like so many of these names. Very cool read!

Linda Robinson 17 months ago from Cicero, New York

Hello Jared nice meeting you and happy to be following you. You have many very excellent brainstorms. A well written, very informative hub about a subject that nearly everyone can relate to. An extremely helpful hub, I really enjoyed it. And a definite must read for all those entrepreneurs. Linda

Jen Teague 19 months ago from Central Florida

Really good ideas and tips here. I really like 95 degrees and SweetBrew. Thanks for sharing!

fahad 20 months ago

im opening a specialty coffee shop and i want something creative and catchy so im thinking of ” Brainwash Cafe”. what do you guys think? any other options?

thank you

John R Wilsdon 20 months ago from Superior, Arizona

My kids own a coffee shop and have named it well. But this article has a ton of good ideas, I am recommending it to friends contemplating a new business. Well done!

Fatima Jalil 21 months ago

Very interesting and informative hub!

Amit Ahuja 22 months ago from India

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