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George Washington’s Prophetic Vision II

By visualizing the best way a massive invasion and occupation could be efficiently executed by the more than likely enemies in the near future, we will put together our private responses. There are a number of assumptions which ought to prove legitimate and a few variation probable.

1.) 9/11 was both honest warning and a blueprint for a much bigger attack. The invasion will make full use of the element of surprise for the panic and terror response. It can strike several vital targets simultaneously. It was meant to indicate us how weak we’re to attack, however government remains to be in denial about the reality and acting as if we’re not susceptible as a result of they have created democracy in Iraq. Most of us know better as do our enemies

2.) An simply modified master plan of attack already exists or will soon exist, which may be shared with new members of the invasion alliance on an instantaneous foundation. U.S. Government will know nothing of its existence. Government will believe such a shock assault is not possible or unlikely, or might be on a 9/eleven scale.

3.) The good vulnerability of the U.S. Government and national economic system is the power provide. Even those energy suppliers not involved immediately in the preliminary invasion, will turn off the availability on signal from the planners. It’s solely doable deployed forces is not going to have gasoline obtainable for a fast response. All domestic provide and reserves might be earmarked for navy use and the nationwide transportation system will rapidly come to a standstill. Electricity from all fuels will also be restricted to state and national utilization below martial legislation. If your family is extensively scattered at the time of invasion, it is going to possible stay so for the duration of the conflict. Most of us will stay with solely locally accessible vitality provides. Major gas pipelines will probably be destroyed and electrical substations as nicely. Nuclear and hydroelectric energy generators will likely be closely defended. Due to the vitality shortage, much of U.S. weapons expertise will probably be grounded. The invaders will seemingly have fuel supply depots within the Western Hemisphere for resupply.

4.) Much of the Women’s Custom Dead and Deader Zombie Tribute to Dumb and Dumber Short Sleeve Tee Shirt U.S. navy defense pressure can be busy in international engagement and unable to defend the homeland. This may fall to what remains of the Navy and the U.S. Coast Guard, previous to the landings of floor forces, likely to be in the thousands and thousands. Air defense will likely be enough to force invasion by way of coasts and borders and invaders will battle their way into the inside from several key points of entry.

5.) Anticipate a limited nuclear assault from vessels at sea, making any nuclear response impractical and unlikely. Nuclear assaults on four to ten massive population centers will totally occupy responders for weeks or months, leaving different worthwhile targets essentially undefended. Washington D.C. represents unfinished business to Al Qaeda. Since it is usually headquarters for army planning and response, expect it to be a first strike target with a number of warheads leaving nothing to chance.

6.) In case you are dwelling in a coastal port metropolis spared from nuclear assault, expect a powerful standard attack to make way for the invading ground forces not coming throughout the Southern border. Mexico will change into an invasion resupply depot for food and gasoline, voluntarily or by drive. In any other case invaders will feed on the move and can empty all stores of consumable merchandise. They may initially meet with little or no resistance by armed residents. The resistance will develop, as in Iraq, from rumors of atrocities in opposition to civilians. They are going to take all arms and ammunition from provide stores wherever they go, so have what you assume you will have on hand should you intend to actively resist or be part of a militia. 9/eleven was our first warning to inventory up. It could have been the one warning. You will most likely need to go beyond plastic sheets and duct tape because the invaders won’t allow you to simply wrap them up.

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7.) A comparatively small U.S. pressure with essentially the most trendy battle know-how has been tied up in Afghanistan for 5 years with no real progress. A bigger drive equally equipped, has been tied up over three and a half years in a comparatively small country occupation in Iraq. Expect a big pressure occupation of the United States to final from 5 to ten years. Expect it to begin sometime after the Bush presidency which is creating the invasion alliances. Keep your eyes on Iran, which is prone to be the head of the alliances. This puts all of the Russian and Chinese war know-how at their disposal so it does not matter if they have their very own nukes.

Once i wrote The Homestead Revolution, it was with an eye toward energy and meals shortages from any variety of causes. Washington’s vision and current occasions just recently got here collectively in my mind’s eye. Add to this the apocalyptic vision of the Christian right, the behavior of Israel and 9/eleven and we don’t want a ton of imagination to see what must come to go. Evaluate Washington’s vision with the Guide of Revelation and we see the vision supplies specifics we can take to the financial institution. If you have not but learn or copied The Homestead Revolution, you may find it very helpful in planning your family’s future underneath violent overseas occupation. Whereas a phrase to the smart is ample, the unwise require fixed repetition of any new thought. Save a number of lives. Point a few pals to the reality of current events and the possible outcomes.

Shortly after Ronald Reagan took office, he appeared on national tv to proclaim the 12 months of the Bible. He read 2 Chronicles 7:14 to America. I thought to myself, this nation will never voluntarily humble itself. Humility should be forced upon them by circumstance. Almost 26 years later, the truth of my thought must be clear to all. Allow us to each day enhance in: Wisdom, love, gratitude, reverence, healing, peace, joy, happiness, laughter and prosperity as we prepare for the fulfilment of prophecy.

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