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Ideas sith code shirts For Your Web T-shirt Store

It is cheap and simple to start your own online T-shirt store, but what would you put in it? Here we think up some T-shirt slogans for bad economic times.

One way we writers can earn extra income is by opening T-shirt stores at print-on-demand web sites. We don’t necessarily need to be graphics designers. T-shirts are in the self-expression market: we can just put a statement on the T-shirt that expresses the attitudes and feelings of our customers.

In this recession, a lot of customers will want to express hostility. A lot of people are out of work and feeling worthless. A lot of people are upset at the cost of health care. A lot of people are upset at the loss of health care. A lot of people are angry that the people who failed are the ones getting the bailouts. A lot of people are angry at bankers. A lot of people are angry at corporate executives’ salaries, benefits, and bonuses. A lot of people are angry at the rich getting the tax breaks.

How do you write T-shirt slogans about these resentments? The process is much like writing comedy routines. You search through many mental associations to find ideas to work with. You search for specifics, for concrete sith code shirts things. You look especially for conflicts and ironies.

Here are some ideas for T-shirts for people who are out of work:

You can address the feelings of worthlessness: “Out of work? Don’t feel worthless. Let the bankers feel worthless.”

Here’s a lead in: “The financial crisis makes me feel like such a failure…” How would you end it? Maybe: “…I haven’t even caused one bank failure.” “… I haven’t even fired one person.” “… I’ve never yet caused a world-wide economic meltdown.” “… The only investor’s retirement I’ve lost was mine.”

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Then there’s the acknowledgement of being out of work: “My company decided they could go bankrupt without me.” Or one of the cliches: “I’m managing my wealth.” “I’ve left to spend more time with my family.”

sith code shirts

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