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General Knowledge Quiz With Answers

Games, Toys, and Hobbies
General knowledge quiz with answers
Updated on July 17, 2013 roman1483 more Fun general knowledge quizzes for all ages with answers
This lens offers you a chance to play the quiz master for your friends, family or even classes if you are a teacher.

This quiz includes a wide range of Questions from sport to movies, from nature to history.

There is a question for everybody’s interests.

I have written a quiz which has been tried and tested with adults and children.

the questions are varied and get people brains working.

When playing this quiz with adults and children i have witnessed the same outcome which is healthy competition.

I hope you enjoy

Quiz with answers
Questions (answers at the bottom)

1.Are dolphins fish, mammals, amphibians?

2.Are sharks fish, mammals, amphibians?

3.How much % of the earth’s surface covered in water?

4.Earth’s ocean is made up of more than 20 seas and four oceans: name them..

5.Penguins “fly” underwater at up to how many miles per hour

6.How many heart to octopus have

7.How many species of dolphins are there?

8.Which of the following was a cubist: Matisse, Renoir, Monet, Picasso

9.In which gallery would you see the Mona Lisa? –

10.What is the North American Indian name for bigfoot?

11.For each of the following real names, give their stage name:

A: Kathryn Elizabeth Hudson (singer)

B: Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (singer-songwriter)

12.What is the tallest mountain above sea level called?

13.What is the longest river called?

14.What is the name of the Tottenham Hotspur manager?

15.Name the author for the harry potter books?

16.How many books are there in the series?

17.Name the author for the twilight saga books?

18.What is the largest whale?

19.What is the smallest know bird called?

20.What are the 3 primary colors?

21.What colours when mixed makes purple?

22.Who painted the Mona Lisa?

23.Who wrote Romeo and Juliette?

24.What did the 3 kings bring baby Jesus when he was born?

25.What do cows drink?

26.What do you put in a toaster?

27.What is Catherine Middleton’s royal title?

28.Where is frank Cloclough from?

29.What country has the Star of David on?

30.What is the capital on .U.S.A?

31.Which country is hosting the world cup in 2014?

32.What is a baby seal called?

33.When was the London underground built?

34.What hybrid is produced by a male Lion and a female Tiger?

35.What did Cinderella loose when she left the ball?

36.What is the 4 planet closest to the sun?

37.Name a planet that has rings around it?

38.What is the roman God of water called?

39.What is Dwayne Johnson’s stage name?

40.What is the fastest land animal?

41.What desert plant provides water?

42.What year did the titanic sink?

43.What ocean is the titanic sitting in?

44.On the periodic table, what does MG stand for?

45.In the little mermaid what did aerial use to brush her hair?

46.In jungle book what is the bear called?

47.Name the two main male characters real names in the fast and furious?


1. Mammals

2. Fish

3. 71 percent of earth’s surface.

4. Atlantic, Indian, Arctic, and Pacific, the oldest and the largest

5. 55 miles per hour

6. 3

7. 41

8. Picasso

9. the louvre

10. Sasquatch

11A Katy Perry

11B lady gaga

12. Mount Everest

13. River Nile

14. Andre Villas- Boas

15. J. K Rowling

16. 7

17. Stephanie Meyer

18. blue whale

19. hummingbird

20. blue, red and yellow

21. red and blue

22. Leonardo Da Vinci

23. William Shakespeare

24. gold, frankincense and myrrh

25. water

26. bread

27. Duchess of Cambridge

28. Scotland

29. Israel

30. Washington D.C

31. Brazil

32. pup

33. 1863

34. liger

35. glass slipper

36. Mars

37. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune

38. Neptune

39. the rock

40. cheetah

41. cactus

42. 1912

43. Atlantic

43. Magnesium

45. a fork

46. Blue

47. Paul walker and Vin diesel

Why quizzes ?
They can be fun for friends and family

They can be played at any time i.e. Christmas, family and friend gatherings

Anyone can play because everyone knows something that someone else wont know.

Your learning and stimulating the mind in a fun way

Its great for friendly competition

Quiz masters are you ready ?
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