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Color DREAMING – What The Colours In Desires Imply

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Astrology as in ‘white-washed’.

White showing in your desires can also be indicative of a ‘clean slate’ or ‘blank canvas’ on which to begin or begin anew.

Seeing white in your dreams could also be a subconscious message to find the reality to a matter or scenario, or to seek your personal personal truths.

Seeing white within a dream relates to the imagination, and its results on us stimulates creativity, Divine realization and humility.

When appearing in goals leads us in the direction of larger spiritual attunement and Divine love. Dreaming of white will be an important healing colour for a person with a unfavorable self-picture as white has the facility of transformation.

Seeing white in our dreams conjures up:

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intuition, creativity, Divine steering, meditation, reflection, inside-wisdom, grace and dignity and spiritual unity.

White appearing in dreams releases:

restrictions, intolerance, martyrdom, a crucial and/or detrimental view.


The color yellow carries both constructive and negative connotations, depending upon the theme or context of the dream. Positively, seeing yellow in a dream may counsel happiness and joy, agility, harmony, wisdom, vitality and the intellect. If the dream is unpleasant in nature, seeing yellow can signify disgrace, deceit, disgrace, betrayal, cowardice and illness or sickness.

Seeing yellow in your goals may suggest a fear or inability to make a choice or decision, or to take obligatory action/s. It could also be implying that your need to please others is making you prone to sacrificing your personal wants and inside-happiness. Because of this, challenges and set-backs could appear in your life.

To dream of being in a yellow room suggests that you are to make the most of your intuition, private creativity and initiative to get things executed. It tells of psychological stimulation.

Yellow symbolizes the intellect, power, inside-knowledge and happiness. Seeing yellow in a pleasant and/or completely happy dream can recommend the intuition and intuitive messages that foretell of blessings and glad tidings.

In an unpleasant or unhappy dream, seeing yellow could recommend sickness to come back, or cowardice in an actual life state of affairs.

Yellow represents the extrovert and an extroverted persona, psychological energy and agility, willpower, and negatively, cowardice.

Seeing yellow in a dream pertains to our intellectual pondering process and stimulates logical linear thinking. The colour yellow stimulates left-mind exercise, energetic intelligence, organisation, consideration to detail, analysis, sincerity and harmony, reward, administration, heightened expression and personal freedom.

When yellow seems in goals it should often suggests happiness, inside-joy and blessings.

The healing energy of the colour yellow, when showing in goals, works on each identified and unknown fears. Yellow in your dreams will step by step release the tension from an accumulation of fearful experiences.

Seeing yellow in a dream conjures up:

joy and optimism, expression, capacity, consideration to detail, lively intelligence, evaluation, self-discipline, organization and administration.

The color yellow showing in dreams releases:

constriction and restriction, sorrow, selfishness and selfish judgement, bitterness, cynicism and criticism.

Understanding the power and vibration of color is knowing the essence of vitality.


COLOURS – The Vibration and Energy of COLOURS

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sendingdreamingPurple 4 months in the past

I just had a dream that I thought I used to be pregnant based on X-Ray like slides that confirmed an embryo with an eye fixed forming. Once i went to a doctor I received a purple folder full of scribbles and take a look at scores written directly on the folder all displaying how NOT pregnant I was and doubtless would never be.

As someone coping with infertility, this dream distressed me. But I was stunned at the vivid purple folder and thought I might analysis purple in goals. Now my dream is even more distressing when studying that purple might be prophetic which, in that case, in accordance with this dream, means I won’t ever have children :’-(

Lyn 9 months ago from England


Noori 9 months in the past

Hey I noticed I used to be about to go to the courtroom to get maried sporting a silk costume in purple. I have not spoken about this to anyone. I hope this occurs earlier than my Birthday. Please want me luck!

ashima 2 years in the past

I noticed a dream whre i went to a spot whre filled with colours specifically orange even i see clours on water.what doea it means

Bayasaa Aramis 2 years ago

I stored dreaming of my grandmother dying with alot of purple issues round her, and it seemed that she was bleeding purple. I want i didnt have this nightmare 🙁 can any individual tell me what it means?

Nicolegreen 2 years ago


I dreamt I used to be with my gran mother it seemed as if we have been at her house and I used to be asking her about people I used to know who stayed in her group and I used to be carrying a protracted beautifull purple costume … What might my dream mean

Kristina 2 years ago

I had a dream that I died my hair blonde. I presently have black hair.. Does anyone know what the which means might signify?


Solitaire three years ago


There is this man i’m inlove with, i dreamt that he bought me a purple vest as nicely a white vest and he told me that i can put on them collectively as a result of they go effectively collectively. What does my dream imply.

realised 3 years in the past

i noticed a flash of rainbow earlier than waking. And my aura is navy-blue or could also be violet with white mix. Don’t know if it is blessing or any mission to me, but one thing is sure that it made me really feel very excited to do what i love. That is it. Any approach thank-you, trigger i like to check completely different world researches happened to help humanity and individual significance for the call of united. I really feel all of us should be united and its not about what we dream, however how connected we’re to every part. So all are distinctive, it is certainly for complete consciousness.

“Love your enemies” that is my main intention.

Man from Modesto 4 years ago from Kiev, Ukraine (formerly Modesto, California)

One rule I use when looking on the interpretation is to do not forget that the creator of the dream intends to speak with the receiver. Colours, therefore, take on meanings peculiar to individual dreamers, and to the tradition they are in.

Purple and yellow, within the serpent and insect kingdom, symbolize poisonous animals. These colors, fairly, thereby take on a which means of poison, hazard, and even demise.

Black normally represents a violent, controlling, manipulative source. Ceaselessly, this is a canine or a woman. Here is more on black: http://dreamtraining.blogspot.com/search?q=black

Lawit 5 years in the past

I dream being in a room with a physic and he requested me what my favorite shade was, which I reply green and purple. Then he talked about it’s dark shade. It is black. Then I woke up and marvel what’s that’s mean…

AuthorJoanne Sacred Scribes 5 years in the past from Victoria, Australia

Horses are extremely spiritual beings and infrequently represent private freedom and interior-strength. Seeing them as white and purple (which are also extremely spiritual colours) might symbolize YOU and your life path and function. Green denotes development and enlargement … so they are all linked for you.

sukoluhle nyathi 5 years in the past

thank you guys for the interpretations of goals i now know the which means of my dreams generally i turn out to be anxious after i had some dreams and not figuring out the meaning of it someday i dreamed about seing white and purple colours and inexperienced ,however the white and purple its like i used to be seing horses with these colours can you clarify the that means of these the green was in the field that’s where i saw the inexperienced colour

PsychicJoanne: I’m back to thank you once once more for this clear presentation on the that means of colors in our goals. I had probably the most wonderful, vivid dream last Saturday in which I used to be bathed in sunlight in a doorway. I came again here, not for that dream, however for the weird one the following day which emphasised yellow, pink, a form of crimson-violet, and white with blue. I admire the clarity and generosity which circulation by way of your writings. Thanks.

AuthorJoanne Sacred Scribes 6 years ago from Victoria, Australia

Thanks Stessily and Lily …

I respect your feedback and enter. I have been prompted to jot down about dreams for the last fortnight or so, and wondered why. Clearly it was meant to be. I’m glad you enjoy the Hubs and resonate with what’s written.



lilyfly 6 years ago

I agree with Stessily Joanne- this was so timely and useful to me now. Carrying the nicotine patch has a written warning, may produce vivid and disturbing desires.

I thank you for the shade meanings- for many years my desires have been grey or beige in nature, however I’m recalling little glimpses of shade now, largely greens, browns, olive greens, and two precious embroidered pill cachets made of (ivory) haha!

I used to dream more colorful desires, but the colour indigo, or ultraviolet I have seen in actual time, not my dreams, and, in one instance, as balls of light that have been so vivid they ran me and my Ford Econoline off the street into a ditch! I was blinded, literally, for hours! You’d assume, with all of the visitations I’ve acquired, I might be far more enlightened! Haha! I am fairly blessed, aren’t I?

Thank you for this very helpful article, and I might as properly try some lucid dreaming. I need all the assistance I can get! Peace be with you… lily

stessily 6 years in the past

PsychicJoanne: I awakened this morning from a dream that quickly faded. Yet an hour later as I was driving on the highway components got here again to me. In the dream I used to be returning house from walking my dog, which was golden brown with gorgeous golden highlights. A man and a woman with a dog have been near the door to my home and spoke with me. The couple asked me what my dog’s name was, and i all of a sudden could not remember: a number of names got here to mind, one being Sal (!) but I was uncertain and advised them that I was unsure which was the right title. Then I went inside my house, which apparently was under avenue level as stairs zigzagged down. There was quite a lot of white within the home: pure, lovely, peaceful white. I used to be comfortable and peaceful.

Once i remembered this dream, I used to be intrigued that beautiful whiteness has definitely characterized my goals over the past yr, however the dreams aren’t in black and white; there are other colors. This dream and a dream of a few months ago additionally featured gentle gold highlights. In the opposite dream I appreciated the golden highlights in a modern log house.

It’s a dream come true that you simply released this text which greeted me as your follower. Very well timed, very clearly introduced. Thank you!

Voted up+useful+superior+beautiful+attention-grabbing

Form tyrannosaurus rex t shirt regards, Stessily

tyrannosaurus rex t shirt

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