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Nongfushangquan Credit For Success Is Inseparable From Plastic Bottles

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Yangshengtang Group, created in 1993, first engaged in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics business. Soon after, saw the domestic bottled water and mineral water in the huge market, and founded a farmer in the spring of 96 brands. He chose not far from Shanghai, Zhejiang Province, established three bottling plant, water is chosen to Thousand Island Lake. In the three filling plant, a total of five Krones filling line provided by the. In 2001, the farmer spring out of Yangshengtang Group, an independent operating companies.

Really help Nongfushangquan substantial part of the development of the bottled water. From 1999 to 2003, bottled spring water, the farmer’s market share from 16.4% to 20.8%, and firmly occupy the market position of the first. Bottled water market in China in 2003 total production of 90 million hl, of which 18 million hl spring from the farmer. Nongfushangquan bottled water mainly 380-ml ,550-ml ,1.5-l ,4-l ,10-l, and 5-ga’s packaging, bottle with sports cap and two rotating cover.

Keen insight into the power market
2002 end of Nongfushangquan keen aware of the market potential of mixed drinks, and began producing 100% pure fruit juice drinks and vahlar morghulis fruit juices. SARS occurred in 2003, so that consumers pay more attention to food hygiene issues, it is this reason to promote the bottled beverage market. Second, consumers are choosing to add a variety of vitamin drinks, meet these needs Nongfushangquan immediately launched a series of juice drinks, and soon to be successful.

Expand market in western China Recent years, the Government has been encouraging enterprises to develop the west, drive the western economic development. Nongfushangquan also conform to this trend, in 2003 established a bottled water plant of Jilin. In early 2004, Jilin factory installed a Krones filling line and two hot sets of ContiformH16 cavity blowing machine. Since then, the farmer near Danjiangkou spring again set up a factory, Hubei Province, the unemployment rate was very high, infrastructure is relatively weak compared with the coastal areas.

South Danjiangkou reason known, mainly because it built the dam in 1975. It is estimated that the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, this dam will send 700KM2 Beijing water.

However, the action Women’s The Dark Moon Compels You to Fuck Shit Up Custom Long Sleeve Tee Shirt Nongfushangquan faster. The new plant in August 18, 2003 to commence after 8 months in use. Directly from the factory inlet pipe at the dam mouth water, and use multi-channel filter. Bottled water processing plant from the south and packaged bottled water, and “transferred” to the north. Factory, in addition to a 10000-bph-made bottling line, there is a set of the 36000-bph hot Krones filling line, mainly used orange juice, carrot juice, tomato juice and mixed fruit filling.

Bottle Weight speed of the decision device
380-ml and two 600-ml wide-mouth bottle preform processing factory in Danjiangkou, weight was 28 grams and 34 grams. If you plant your own bottle capacity to supply, will choose to outsource processing. Outsourcing preform generally slightly heavier weight, quality must be as high as the processing plant itself. Impact of hot-filled bottle weight is the most critical effect of one of the three factors, three factors were filling conditions, equipment, speed and weight of the bottle.

Hot filling temperature is usually in the 88 1 , higher than the PET of the softening or glass transition temperature, which will reduce the output of blowing device: because there is need, the higher the temperature, blowing more slowly. If the bottles are rather heavy, you can compensate for the temperature, the relative loss of production. ContiformH16s production in 1200 bottles / hour, each unit has 16 membrane cavity, the higher the efficiency.

Blowing stability In order to obtain qualified
hot filling bottles, the stability of processing is very important, even the smallest craft will float on the impact on the quality of the bottle. Preform temperature, the material used, blowing and cooling technology, these are essential.

In terms of equipment, blowing machine and preform the difference between the spindle must be minimized. Furthermore, the mold must be heated and the oven control is very strict.

Spring in a farmer’s factory, it is very special, beverage factories in Asia are also very rare. That is the preform’s mouth diameter 38-mm, and no crystallization bottleneck. To successfully process this type of bottle, there must be a specially designed processing equipment. “ContiformH16s spring the farmer used the most perfect equipment. Throughout the installation and trial operation of the process is very smooth, did not experience any setbacks.” Nongfushangquan deputy director, said Pan Dan factories.

Blowing hot filling equipment: heating and cooling
Danjiangkou this two ContiformH16s preform by-line processing mode, forming the preform into the infrared oven is heating, maximum temperature up to 120 , the temperature closest to the crystallization temperature of plastic, but also to avoid causing the bottle reduce the deformation of the internal stress.

Blowing temperature of about 130-160 . With the lifting of the mold, preform to achieve the optimal crystallization temperature, almost all of the internal stress are eliminated. The key to this process and mold exposure time to control the well.

Ejection time in order to avoid bottle deformation, cooling means must be used. Here is a used inflatable way, hot compressed air blow out from the hollow rod, selective reduction of the temperature of the bottle in some specific areas.

36000-bph turnkey Krones Nongfushangquan provided for the Dan this 36000-bph filling line is the overall turn-key projects, including preform cooling system and temperature measurement, storage and bottle feeding feeder loading equipment etc.. ContiformH16s downstream equipment is air-type conveyor and independent bottling room.

Nongfushangquan filling machine is fully electronic SensometicVPGL-PET measurement type system. Filling the bottom with a long tube, filling process is relatively soft, you can fill with fruit drinks, but the flesh is not used Nongfushangquan filling function. Through the detector, filling equipment, precise control of volume, and timely closure of the lower valve, followed by complete filling tube into the bottle. Electromagnetic valve pneumatic control group, particularly for beverage filling, filling the design process can be recorded and at any time call.

VPGL filling in three steps: slow – fast – slow, soft filling, accurate. After the bottle was sealed rotary filler cap. Spring plant in Jilin farmer used sports cover.

Visual temptations: Central Standard
After the completion of filling the bottles before leaving the filling room, on the filling volume by Checkmat tested to determine whether excess or less quantity. After that is the bottleneck sterilization, the bottle lying on his side on a conveyor belt, the product of the bottleneck of high temperature and bottle Author Box gaga has 1 articles online

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